Independent Retailer Insolvency to Skyrocket?

3 August 2021

It is clear to all that the recent lockdowns and their extensions have hit retailers hard. This is particularly true for the independent retailer sector who do not have the reserves or support of larger chain retailers. This sector was already in decline way before the pandemic. The physical number of shops has been decreasing…

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Why Choose a Career in Insolvency

8 April 2021

It is certain that most people when considering their future careers do not leave school or college with a burning desire to become an insolvency practitioner. However, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and the events over the last 12 months have further fuelled this industry’s rapid expansion. It is…

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Eggs down, find a spring role

25 February 2021

  With the financial year now at an end, our clients are now looking at their recruitment needs. For many firms it’s a time to be opportunistic and grow as the insolvency and restructuring market continues to be busy. The last 12 months have seen the boutique and consulting firms soar. The “Big 4” however,…

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25 June 2018

So lovely to hear from one of our contacts who referred her own daughter to us for a job and in turn, we felt we should thank her with some vouchers!  Communication may be simple for many however, it can mean an abundance to others and lead to a brand new career. If you wish…

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25 years of Harvey Sutton!

15 December 2017

  25 years of Harvey Sutton! Our strap line back in 1992 when we were first established was “if you specialise why shouldn’t we?” That’s no longer the line that we go to market with and you won’t find it on any of our social media accounts or advertising campaigns (but back in 1992 we…

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