Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation has become more of a talking point over the last few decades, primarily due to the dramatic rise in value of an executive’s overall package, compared to an average worker’s wage.  Whether it’s the financial compensation that an executive might receive, or some other non-financial benefit, the recent increase in total remuneration means that there has been a growing sense of unfairness amongst the wider public that executives and the Board of Directors are not sufficiently objective when determining that level.  In public corporations, the reaction is even more acute, as the public struggle to comprehend the enormity of an executive’s package without giving proper thought to global competition and the critical importance to the organisation as a whole, in finding the best person to fill the post.  To meet with regulatory and political pressure, executive compensation plans are continually reviewed and adjusted to meet corporate goals whilst still appearing reasonable to a cynical and often ill-informed public.

As a recruiter, working with skilled Executive Compensation personnel is an extremely rewarding undertaking for both in-house and consulting firms.