What’s happening in Restructuring and Insolvency

Now that the Government Furlough scheme has come to an end, it’s no surprise that some industries are now faced with making a difficult decision…. Increase prices or cut staff.  There is no doubt this is an extremely challenging time and without the Government support the future is looking bleak for some and come early next year the reality is very likely to bite hard.  There is already a surge in corporate insolvencies and up by 31% within the hospitality sector.


The question on everyone’s minds is how difficult will 2022 be for businesses? No one has a crystal ball but judging by what Insolvency Practitioners are telling us, the insolvency industry will get dramatically busier from January onwards.  Whilst this is not good news for most, what will be on the up is recruitment in this sector.


Have you been considering a move, but waiting to see what happens with the pandemic? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like its going away anytime soon, but now could be the ideal time to make that step up your career ladder – before the tidal wave of work comes crashing down, leaving you no time for interviews.


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